What are “Achievements” in World of Warcraft?

What are Achievements in World of Warcraft? Why don’t you go jump off a ledge, newbie?

No, wait, I am not being mean. I’m just suggesting that you try one of the achievements in Wow named “Going Down?” Actually, try a whole bunch of these achievements.

Achievements are lists of the things you have done in World of Warcraft. They are tied to each character and can really fun to do if you are in place when you are a bit bored and looking for something fun to do. Along with all the basic achievements of “vanilla” WoW, each new expansion such as World of Warcraft Cataclysm or “Wrath of the Lich King” brings a whole new set of things to do. Most achievements do not award anything special, but a few do bring titles, unique pets or flying mounts. These kind rewards are usually very hard to earn or take a very long stretch of time. Some people like to compare achievements or the “points” they have from doing these tasks. It really doesn’t effect your game play.

So, for example, when you fall from an area for at least 65 feet and don’t die, you get a special achievement that is called “Going Down.” Most of my characters have gotten this achievement really by accident. (/em blush) However, you can also do it on purpose. For example, try jumping (not just running) off of the very top level of the Stormwind Harbor, just as you come out of the tunnel from the main city. Jump high near the lamppost and try to land on the one of the ballistic machines below. It’s a long run back if you fail, but it’ll feel sweet when you make it. By the way, everyone has a different opinion on where to do certain achievements, so don’t get too worried about hearing different ideas.

Some achievements that you can only get under special circumstances. These are called “Feats of Strength (FoS).” For example, all my characters have a “Netherwhelp” companion pet that I got from buying the “Burning Crusade” collector’s edition. (See picture to the left.) There is no other way to get it. I also have other FoS rewards from things like going to BlizzCon or logging in for anniversary celebrations.

“How can I see my Warcraft achievements?” That is easy to do. On your keyboard, the command is usually pressing the Y key, unless you have reset it. You can also use your mouse to click on the Shield Icon on the Interface (your screen) command bar. Both of those will bring up your list of achievements as well as a bunch of other information. Here is an example below from my Bank alt.

Now you can go jump off a ledge.

Do you have a favorite Achievement? Tell us about in the comments section below.

Hunter has played World of Warcraft for a long time and has a bunch of FoS. (Hooray Achievements!) He has a bank alt or two because he uses this great gold-making system. Come check it out. . Never buy gold, cuz it’s too easy to earn it.

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