How to Get Gold in World of Warcraft: A Newbie Basic

So you are New to WOW or World of Warcraft Cataclysm? Here is a gold-making tip for brand-new Alliance newbies.

1. Kill everything you can from the moment you arrive.
Don’t run past things to get to the next place. Nuke or slice away on your way to where it is you are going. Then, sell everything that you put in your backpack. Only spend money on your basic training. Gear matters very little when you are first starting out. Keep up this grinding process until you have about 10 silver. It will happen fast.

2. Sell a basic thing: herbs.
If you are in Stormwind, go all the way around to the flower shop that is near the unused instance-gate. It’s called Fragrant Flowers. Go just up the road from the Stormwind Gryphons and make the first right. Go through that tunnel and then make a right again. All the way down at the end of that road is the Flower Shop. You are also going to need this Shop later for the “Stormwind Seasonings” when you get questing in the Darkshire region.

In the flower shop, spend a few of your silver on one of the cheaper herbs that the vendor sells such as mageroyal or earthroot. Typically these will sell for about 75 (or so) copper. Don’t spend all your silver here! The vendor’s name is Bernard Gump and he is at the basic coordinates 69, 71. Don’t buy flowers from any of them. They’re junk.

Hint: Later on, you will be asking, “Where do I get Stormwind seasoning?” The answer is: the lady right next to Bernard. Make a note in your head about this.

4. Auction House Buy Out
Take these few herbs and go put them up on the auction house. You will need a few silver to put the herbs at a buy out price of 20-40 silvers each. On most servers, this should be a steal price for the other players. Sell the herbs individually and be sure you have a buy-out price.

Do this process a few times and you will be on your way to a few gold. I’ve used this exact basic process to have hundreds of gold on my first level characters multiple times over. Slow and steady and profitable should be your goal. Start with this very basic process.

There is never a need to beg other for gold or say stupid things in trade-chat about needing money.

The very best gold-making guide on the market is this one. Come get your copy.
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How to Grow Your Gold In World of Warcraft

Holding on to Your Gold for World of Warcraft New Players
By Hunter Sear

If you are saving for a large purchase in World of Warcraft Gold, then you will want to avoid impulse buying in the Auction House (AH).

What is impulse buying? It is easy to allow that huge pile of WoW gold to burn a hole in your virtual pockets. Since your character cannot really bank the gold, it is always with them, tempting you to spend. When you see thousands of gold right there as you find that perfect new weapon or other fun item in the AH, you might be tempted just to start spending. That is impulse buying. Like real life at the candy shelves in the grocery store checkout line, you must resist!

I suggest always having a bank “Alt.” An “Alt” is an “alternate character” that does not do much adventuring but rather stays near the bank and mailbox in a home city. Make it a habit to send your extra piles of gold to this character on your account. That way, when the urge hits your Main character to just spend on the latest gadget rather than saving for the one purchase you most truly want, you will not have easy access to the money.

I know you can just log off, relog on the Alt character, send the money to your Main, log off the Alt and log back on the Main. Hopefully, having your money only accessible through this long process will quench the fire of the impulse purchase burning in your mind.

For an even more effective, slow down of your impulse spending of gold, try having a second game account to hold your gold. There is an hour or so delay between the sending and receiving of mail and money when using two accounts. Maybe this will help you stop your impulse buying even further.

Make smart decisions about your World of Warcraft gold! You are going to love the rewards of buying the Uber gear you really want rather than dwindling away your gold on small purchases.

Hunter Sear is a longtime WoW player who wants you to know you should never buy WoW gold online! He suggests you master the ways to make gold in the game the way he does by using the Massive Gold Blueprint system found at this link. You can follow us at Twitter, too, @warcrafter

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